Video FAQs

What should I do if I realize that my parents do not have an estate plan in place?

Why should I have advance directives for medical and healthcare decisions?

When should an estate plan be reviewed?

Will my estate be subject to any taxes, and if so, what types of tax?

When should I consider lifetime gifts?

Who should be my executor (personal representative) or trustee?

When are intra-family sales and loans used?

Who pays expenses of maintenance, insurance, and real estate taxes in a QPRT?

Who can be the trustee in a QPRT?

What is post-mortem trust administration?

What is the difference between a succession plan and an estate plan?

What is leveraged gifting?

What is a GRAT and how can it help me leverage my gift?

What is an A-B trust?

What is a QPRT and how can it help me leverage the gift of my residence?

What is charitable planning?

What is capital gains basis planning??

What if my family cannot see eye-to-eye about our succession planning goals?

What if I want to sell the home transferred to the QPRT and move to another home?

What does a proper estate plan include?

What happens if I transfer more than my annual exclusion and I do not qualify for any…

What does it mean when someone says “income tax is the new estate tax”?

What gifts qualify for the education and medical exclusion?

What gifts are subject to the federal gift tax?

What can I do if I still want to live in my home at the end of the QPRT trust term?

What aspects of my estate plan will include details about incapacity planning?

What are the types of details that need to be covered in incapacity planning?

What are the legal issues related to intra-family sales and loans?

What are intra-family sales and loans?

Is there anything that I can do if I realize that my parents’ estate plan is incomplete or outdated?

Should I consider long-term care insurance during the estate planning process?

What are the common ways to participate in charitable giving?

How long will probate take in California?

How can I ensure that the guardian named for my children has the resources to raise them well?

How can I properly balance both estate taxes and income taxes when making the portability election?

How does my estate plan make things easier for my family?

How can I capture the maximum capital gains step-up at death?

How can I maximize (i.e., leverage) my gift?

How can a family LLC help me leverage my gift?

How does fractionalization provide leverage?

How long should I retain the right to occupy the home that is transferred to the QPRT?

Does the way in which I hold title make a difference in my overall estate plan?

Can I prevent a daughter-in-law or son-in-law from benefitting from my child’s inheritance…

Can I put both my principal residence and my vacation home in a QPRT?

Can I use my spouse’s annual exclusion to give more of my assets?

Can I transfer my home and the entire large parcel of land to the QPRT?

Can I repurchase the home from the trustee in a QPRT?

Can I give all of my property away before I die and avoid estate taxes?

Can I appoint the same person as executor (personal representative), trustee, and guardian?

Are some assets better to gift than others?

Can I do the post-mortem trust administration without a lawyer?

Can I claim the real estate taxes and other deductible expenses in a QPRT as…