Estate Planning

Estate planning is no longer merely will planning or tax planning only for the wealthy. Whether your estate is worth $500,000 or $50 million, changes in the laws and changing views of finance, lifestyle, privacy, non-traditional family structures, and greater longevity have made engaging in comprehensive estate planning vital for everyone.

Family Wealth Transfer
There are powerful forces at work in people that either motivate them to plan their estates effectively or prevent them from doing so. With years of experience, we have become skilled in focusing those forces to help you create an effective estate plan that provides for the people you love.

Business Succession Planning
Studies indicate that only about 50 percent of all family-owned businesses last more than one generation, and that very few of them last more than two. We will show you how to plan for succession to avoid the loss of everything you’ve worked for.

Charitable Legacy Planning
Whether you want to give charitable gifts during your lifetime or arrange for them to be made after your death, it pays to plan ahead. We can show you many different ways to share your wealth with charitable organizations that will benefit both you and your family.